Boating Safety Zone

The Sydney International Boat Show is where boaties go to get the latest information about recreational boating. Our Boat Show Partners are there to help make your boating dreams a reality.

Our Partner-in-Safety is Transport for NSW on behalf of the NSW Government. Together with Roads & Maritime Services, Transport for NSW presents the Boating Safety Zone.

Good boating is safe boating. Information about how to make your boating experiences better can be found at this educational and interactive area.

Participating partners 2018:

Roads and Maritime Services, Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Bureau of Meteorology, Paddle NSW, Marine Teachers Association, TAFE NSW, Department or Primary Industries, Marine Rescue NSW, Surf Life Saving NSW, Police Command and Association of Marine Trainers.

Event Deck & Trial Area

On the Upper Level of the Exhibition Centre

Head to the outdoor Event Deck on the top exhibition level where two giant
pools host on-water demonstrations of marine products. See and actually hop aboard kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, pedal boards and other unique vessels on the water. Powerful off-shore power boats will also be on display, as well as speed craft from Ski Racing NSW, iconic Perry surf boats, and an array of tinnies.

This is also where the kids get to enjoy free bumper boat rides. The Event Deck is also home to the outdoor food and beverage bar, a great place to relax and rendezvous while enjoying a spectacular view across the city, with Bondi Beach Radio playing a few tunes.

Exhibitor Lists / Boats on Marina / Brands Lists

Show Floor Plans are available here.

A list of Exhibitors (Lower, Upper Halls & Dive Expo) is available here.

A Brands list is also available here.

and Vessels on display in Cockle Bay Marina.

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Dive Expo

On the Lower Level of the Exhibition Centre

Joining the Sydney International Boat Show for a second year is the Australia International Dive Expo. Here you’ll find exhibitors with all the gear and information needed to enjoy Scuba diving as a sport, for business, research, conservation or recreation. The on-site trial pool presents the opportunity to experience scuba diving under the guidance of professional instructors, while the dive gear workshops are a great place for novices to learn about the equipment needed to start diving, or for experienced divers wanting to learn how to keep their gear well maintained.

Show Maps

  • Floorplan Lower Level & Upper Level of the undercover Exhibits (COMING SOON)
  • Marina Map (COMING SOON)

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Upper Level of the Exhibition Centre

Quite possibly the fastest racing boat in its class, Spirit of Australia II is the new 2nd generation Outright Unlimited World Water Speed Record Challenger by Warby Motorsport. Part boat, part rocket, the boat has taken 5 years to complete. Designed by Aussie father and son team Ken and David Warby, Spirit 2 is the new & improved version of Ken’s World Record holding boat the original Spirit of Australia that reached speeds of 551 kms per hour on water. Ken analysed the information collected from his 2 world records in Spirit of Australia, then set about making small improvements in the hull design to ensure the new Spirit of Australia II would be a record breaker.

Come and see the Spirit of Australia 2 and meet the record breaking Ken Warby and his son David at this year’s Sydney International Boat Show.


On the Upper Level of the Exhibition Centre

Michelle Lee plans to row solo across the Atlantic in her custom boat ‘Australian Maid’. Her adventure could take as long as 3 months as she self-powers herself 5371 kilometres across the ocean. Take a look at Michelle’s boat and enjoy an inspiring chat with her about the amazing effort she’s making to get to that starting line, let alone rowing all the way to the finish. Months of hard work, dedication, and record setting along the way have prepared Michelle for seas that can swell high as 40 feet, winds reaching up to 45 knots, not to mention the risk of capsizing, sharks, equipment failure, salt sores and both physical and mental exhaustion.




Lower Level of the Exhibition Centre (rear of hall 1)

The popular fishing masterclasses are back, with presentations ranging from inland waterway fishing to the more adventurous offshore competitions, presenting videos, photos and stories to match.


  • Justin Duggan – Sportfishing Sydney’s harbour & estuaries
  • Steve Starling – 1. Setting up your fishing boat & 2. Hooking, fighting and landing fish
  • Greg Reid – Big flathead: how to find and catch them
  • Paul Burt – 1. Preparing tuna ‘poke’ for a taste sensation & 2. Sneaky techniques for reef fish
  • Jo Starling – 1. Finding fish in new water & 2. Getting kids fishing, the right way
  • Rhys Creed – You can catch huge Murray cod
  • Tim Simpson – Catch a marlin from your trailer boat
  • Brett and Cookie – Supertank fishing demonstration
  • Berkeley Super Series – Competition interviews




On the Upper Level of the Exhibition Centre

Learn all about the bits and pieces associated with recreational boating at the Boating Development Stage, where leading industry professionals present the latest technology and advancements to hit the boating industry. Amongst the presentations, Lisa Blair, the only woman to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around Antarctica, talks about the onboard systems and mechanisms that made her 184-day world-record journey a success.

Just as impressive, Michelle Lee plans to row solo across the Atlantic in her custom boat ‘Australian Maid’. Her adventure could take as long as 3 months as she self-powers herself 5371 kilometres across the ocean. Unique and custom designed fittings have transformed Michelle’s boat to be sleek, fast and ocean ready.

Navico, the specialist marine electronics company, presents their world leading maritime products with a focus on making boating safer, easier and more fun. Innovation is at the heart of Navico’s business and culture, coupled with an unprecedented product launch schedule that enables them to deliver real benefits to consumers across a broad range of recreational boating activities.


  • Navico – Making the most of your marine electronics
  • Dream Yacht Charters – Ownership programs, 42 destinations worldwide
  • Michelle Lee – Ocean Rower, Talisker Whisky Challenge
  • Lisa Blair – Extreme Sailing, Solo around Antarctica & Australia
  • David & Ken Warby – The SPIRIT OF AUSTRALIA II team
  • Chasing Canguro – Interview with team
  • Start Warrior – A battery-less, floating, Hi-Viz, emergency jump-starter designed specifically for marine applications.
  • Star Clippers – tourism presentation
  • Cumberland Charter Yachts
  • Roads & Maritime Services – are you a safe skipper?
  • ANMM – Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race History with Noel Phelan
  • ANMM – Crossing the Atlantic; Planning, Fun and Safety with John Dikkenberg