Festival of Boating 2021

The Boating Industry Association (BIA) has cancelled the Sydney Festival of Boating, which was scheduled to run from 29 July to 1 August, to support efforts by government in controlling the current COVID-19 outbreak in Sydney which is now impacting other States.

“Cancelling the event supports government efforts to get the current outbreak of COVID-19 and its highly-contagious Delta variant under control. It also recognises the likely challenges that our local and interstate members and exhibitors will encounter over the coming weeks.”

Boating has proven to be a standout choice in leisure activity through the pandemic. The combination of no international travel, the staycation phenomenon, flexible work practices and the need to be COVID Safe have seen interest in getting out the water ramp up significantly. For resources to help you get out and make the most of your time on the water visit DiscoverBoating.com.au

Absolute 40 M206
Absolute 45 FLY M207
Absolute 52 M208
Alaska 44 Sedan M137
Arvor 555 Sportsfish M196
Arvor 590 M197
Arvor 675 Sportsfish M195
Arvor 755 Sportsfish M194
Arvor 755 Weekender M198
Arvor 855 Weekender M199
Arvor 905 Sportsfish M193
Axopar 28 M241
Axopar 28C M242
Axopar 28TT M243
Axopar 37C M246
Axopar 37SC M245
Axopar 37ST M244
Azimut 34 M160
Azimut 50 M159
Azimut 55 M158
Back Cove 32 M140
Back Cove 37 M141
Bavaria E34 M39
Belize 52 M65
Belize 54 Daybridge M173
Caribbean 2300 M161
Caribbean 24 Sports M164
Caribbean 2700 M162
Caribbean 35 Flybridge M163
Chris Craft Launch 27 M210
Chris Craft Launch 30 M209
Chris Craft Launch 38 M211
Cobalt 220S M200
Cobalt 25 SC M203
Cobalt CS 23 M201
Cobalt R5 M202
Cobalt R7 M204
F380 Sport Fishing Boat M42
Fairline Targa 48 GT M135
Fairline Targa 48 Open M134
Ferretti 450 M81
Ferretti 850 M76
Fleming 55 M182
Fleming 58 M181
G550 Luxury Power Boat M41
Glass Pontoon M88
Grady-White 236 Fisherman M123
Grady-White 271 Fisherman M121
Grady-White 285 Freedom M122
Grady-White 325 Freedom M125
Grady-White 330 Express M126
Grady-White 336 M142
Grady-White 376 Canyon M124
Gran Turismo 40 M92
Gran Turismo 50 M93
Grand Banks Eastbay 44 M37
Greenline 39 M240
Gulf Craft M139
Hargraves Flybridge M109
Horizon E88 M233
Horizon V81 M230
Houseboat M46
Houseboat M47
Integrity 380 Sedan M249
Integrity 440 Sedan M222
Integrity 440 Sedan M221
Invictus 280 GT M106
Invictus 280 TT M105
Itama 455 M82
Jeanneau 10.5 WA M152
Jeanneau 1095 M150
Jeanneau 695 M154
Jeanneau 795 M155
Jeanneau 795 Marlin M153
Jeanneau 895 M156
Jeanneau NC14 M151
Karisma M170
Longreef M68
Majesty 100 M128
Maritimo M51 M115
Maritimo S51 M114
Maritimo S70 M113
Maritimo X60 M112
Marlow 53 M184
Matilda Bay 32 M138
Monte Carlo 5 M94
Monte Carlo Yacht 65 M103
Monte Carlo Yacht 76 M104
Naiad M48
Nimbus 365 Coupe M187
Northbank 750HT M108
Numarine 62HT M228
Numarine 70HT M229
Ocean Alexander 70 M111
Ocean Alexander 85 M110
Palm Beach 50 Sedan M36
Palm Beach 65 Flybridge M35
Parker 630 Bowrider M18
Parker 750CC M16
Parker 750DC M17
Parker 800 Pilothouse M19
Parker 800 Weekend M15
Prestige 460S M102
Prestige 520 M101
Rebel 47 M120
Regal 21 OBX M214
Regal 26 Express M213
Ribco 28 RIB M216
Ribco 36 RIB M217
Ribco 44 RIB M218
Riva 44 M83
Riviera 3600 Sport Yacht M185
Riviera 39 Sports M174
Riviera 395SUV M180
Riviera 400 M63
Riviera 43 Flybridge M172
Riviera 445 SUV M186
Riviera 445SUV M175
Riviera 47G2 M143
Riviera 4800 Sport M177
Riviera 5000 M64
Riviera 5400 Sport M179
Riviera 57 Flybridge M171
Riviera 575SUV M176
Riviera 5800 SY M67
Riviera 6000 Sport M178
Riviera 72 Sport MY M169
Robalo 180 M129
Robalo 202EX M130
Robalo 222 M131
Robalo 305 M132
Sea Ray 280 Sundancer M55
Sea Ray 340 Sundancer M58
Sea Ray 455 Sundancer M57
Sea Ray 525 Sundancer M56
Sealine C330 M239
Sealine S330 M238
Sport 900 M119
Starship M77
Strider 10 M117
Strider 11 M118
Sunseeker 55 M66
Sunseeker Manhattan 66 M89
Sunseeker Predator 57 M87
Swift Trawler 35 M99
Technohull 999 M78
Technohull T7 M79
Whitehaven 6000 Flybridge M219
Whitehaven 7500 Sports Yacht M220
ZAR65 M212
Aquila 36 M74
Aquila 44 M73
Fountaine Pajot MY44 M61
Heliotrope 48 M227
Leopard 43 PC M52
Leopard 51 PC M53
AMEL 55 Ketch M90
Bali 4.3 M21
Bavaria 40S M30
Bavaria C45 M38
Climate Action Now – Lisa Blair M43
Dehler 38 M5
Dehler 42 M3
Dehler 46 M4
Dufour 360 M24
Dufour 382 M27
Dufour 412 M26
Dufour 460 M25
Dufour 520 M23
Elan E5 M22
Hanse 315 M6
Hanse 348 M13
Hanse 388 M12
Hanse 418 M11
Hanse 455 M250
Hanse 548 M10
Italia Yachts 12.98 M40
J/Boats J/112E M31
J/Boats J/97E M32
Jeanneau 51 M148
Moody 45DS M8
Moody 54DS M14
Oceanis 38 M98
Oceanis 38 M91
Oceanis 41.1P M97
Oceanis 46.1 M96
Oceanis 51.1 M95
Solaris 47 M7
Sun Fast 3600 M147
Sun Odyssey 349 M146
Sun Odyssey 440 M145
Sun Odyssey 490 M149
X-4.3 M44
Corsair M70
Dragonfly 25 M233
Dragonfly 35 M234
Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 M60
Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40 M59
Lagoon 40 M237
Lagoon 42 M236
Lagoon 630 MY M235
Leopard 40 M51
Leopard 50 M50
Lightwave 38 M29
Seawind 1190 Sport M71
Seawind 1600 M72